Carbon fiber is a long, extremely thin strand of material made mostly of carbon atoms bonded together by a parallel alignment of microscopic crystals.

These crystals make the individual fiber incredibly strong for its size, but its strength also comes from the carbon fiber that is twisted and bundled together to form a yarn or “tow.” Used by itself or woven into a fabric, the carbon fiber yarn is then combined with epoxy to be wound or molded into shapes, forms, and various composite materials.


Learn more about the myriad applications of 3D printing carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber and composites are used in a variety of products where lightweight and high-strength properties are needed.

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Check out some of the benefits of using 3D printed carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber’s distinct lightness and strength make it a viable, versatile, and useful commercial product for a wide variety of markets.

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The Future

See what’s coming in the future of carbon fiber and 3D printing as technology continues to innovate.

With its growth, carbon fiber and its composites offer great potential to the future of all markets and industries.

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