Coating and Finishing

3D Printed Cobra

With our proprietary coatings solutions, we can complete your large area 3D printed project with the finish it deserves. Whether it is providing a smooth tooling surface, sealing for vacuum integrity, or producing a first class automotive finish our outstanding technicians can make your products both functional and beautiful.


Tru-Design has experience in cutting edge tool development for manufacturing. Our specialty is creating molds utilizing the latest advancements in composites and additive manufacturing. The photo to the right shows a 3D printed auto hood mold. Parts were pulled within two days from the start of the printing without the need for a plug. The prototype suitcase seen below is an example of a prototype using an additively manufactured plug which was then used to create a composite mold.

Composite Prototyping

prototype with carbon fiber product

Whether you need a prototype for presenting to prospects, investors, or proof-of-concept, Tru-Design has the skills and expertise you need to put your best foot forward. The benefits of working with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and large corporations in testing and utilizing the latest in technological advancements, and our first class finishing expertise will provide a product of which you can be proud.

Engineering and Design

Our world class team of engineers can help you produce a product that holds up to the most rigorous of standards. Our talented team has developed everything from medical devices to composite helicopter hangers for the US Navy. We understand the complexities of working with composites and can provide material selection, process training, as well as complete CAD files.

new product

Composite Light Production

carbon fiber panel

Whether you need 10 parts or 1,000 Tru-Design’s light composite production capability can help you meet customer requirements for delivery schedules and quality.