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At Tru-Design we have become the world’s leading authority on post processing large area additive manufacturing products. We can help you design, produce, and finish tools and products for any application

Our patented coating products are available for purchase from Composites One!


We are a company that provides smooth durable surfaces for additive manufactured products through the use of our proprietary coatings. Our award winning patented TD Seal coating and high build primer TD Sand were specifically designed for vacuum integrity and have very high adhesion to thermoplastic 3D printer materials. Our coatings improve bead to bead strength by up to five fold.



Machining a 3D printed part usually takes three to five times as long as the actual printing. Our coatings can reduce prost processing time significantly. Using conventional automotive spray equipment coatings can be used to fill in any surface defects or roughness, resulting in a smoother finish. Our coatings are designed with high adhesion specifically for this purpose, and can improve the surface roughness of a part by a factor of 10 or more with only some light sanding.

Spraying Metal 3D printed excavator arm
Excavator Cab in the booth
TD Seal HT Master tool
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